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MG TD TF 1500 - 'T''s for sale in Scottsdale

I see 5 including your's truely..

How bout we guess what they go for...

I won't play cause I'm in the game...

Feel free to pick em apart...including mine.

Heading down Monday
MG LaVerne

First 2 links give "This service is unavailable". Last link works.
Good luck dude! Will this be televised?
efh Haskell

LaVerne the first two links don't work. is the black one at RS yours?
Tom Maine

Laverne, I saw the TD and I thought it looked familiar from pictures on here. I am going to be very curious on the bidding. Especially, because the one that went for 77G's a couple years ago and it was not as nice as yours.

wish you luck on getting the "crazy" money!
C.R. Tyrell

Picking on... one of the ads states the TD and TD had same motor and transmission, yes on motor no on tranny. the Clipper Blue TD is not correct. last year color was in force was 51. although could be 51 registered in 52.Hope you hit the big bucks.....
Tom Maine

Funny the first two links work for me and in playing with a new tablet. First two are at Barrett Jackson. A 53 TD and a 1250 TF. Both look pretty nice. Last is to Russo and Steel. Yep the black job is mine. Something was really fishy about that 77 grand sale. Really fishy. I have serious doubt that they can get what I want for the car. They tell me they can but i think they are full of it. The BJ should be on TV. Cheapskates like not. Ill try and shoot video of the ordeal. Should go pretty quick based on what vie seen
MG LaVerne

I looked up the blue one. Shows a 51 build. Was 77 there yesterday. I might have to start drinking beer again :-)
MG LaVerne

Great to see high standard cars. LaVerne,your car is a credit to you. Very pleasing to view the correct tan type wet weather gear,my eyes still 'recoil'at black coloured tonneaus etc!

On values,if you work out the number of hours involved
in restoring TDs and TFs,$70,000 is reasonable for a car.
The cost of parts now is also a factor.

The best price achieved for a nicely restored TF in Australia(2 years ago) was $70,000.From memory,that TF was a 1250 only.

Often,the hard part is attracting a genuine buyer who has already been through the whole restoration (and to 'high standards') process on at least one car,as they will possibly then understand the real skill and value of work done!

Rob Grantham


By the way , I did not write the overblown description on mt car. I gave them a list of the work and parts...They took it from there...
MG LaVerne

Only Issue I have is the brass ID plate. If you are sending everything out for plating, they missed this one.
Bruce Cunha

We wish you good luck for sure!!! I see you have installed the extreemly rare door check straps!!

Carroll Shelby's TC is one that that I also want to watch,,,

Steve Wincze

Thinking about removing those for the sale Steve. I had a door fly open on the TF and it wasn't pretty. The TD doors I don't think ever would but I thought why risk it. Forgot about the TC. I was in Vegas when they sold it a couple of years ago.
MG LaVerne

It might help if you could arrange for one (or both) of the young ladys in your icon to be with the car as it enters the stage!!!!

Steve Wincze

The first 2 links (above) now work!
efh Haskell

Hoping you go over $50k!
Auction is such a crap never know who will be in the crowd.

Years ago at a local show here in Ohio there was a guy trying to sell an "Andy Griffin Police Car" for $3500.
Was never a cop car, was never used in the show...just an old (1962?) 4 door Ford painted with "Marbury" and a red light on top. (And a nauseating looped sound track from the show playing out of a really crappy stereo that drove everyone nuts till I disconnected his battery...owner had left the show)
About a year later I saw it at BJ auction on TV and it sold for over $100k. Guy looked like he was going to faint!

Hope you need some smelling salts!
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427


The Green 1953 MG TD. At BJ. Lot # 963. Nice...!

However, the Hood appears to have a different shade
of Green than the rest of the MG...!

A leather dash...?

All the best, LaVerne.


DrRx. TD # 823.

I too had the dubious honor of having the drivers door fly open just after a full restoration on my 51. broke the damn rear catch right off and tore the thing apart. Went to leather straps after that and now they don't fly open ..Wish I was in Phoenix with you. BJ is on my bucket list.
Tom Maine

Good luck LaVerne...fingers crossed for you.

Gene Gillam

Any pics of the straps and hardware/attaching points?
L Karpman


Good luck and best wishes on your sale. Hopefully there will be two people there who really, really want a TD as well turned out as yours. if it were mine, not sure I could part with it.

Charlie Duffy
Healdsburg, CA
Charles Duffy

For those of us interested in what LaVerne's TD goes for, the RS web site now shows it will be on the block at Friday 1:55PM-2:15PM, Jan 16th 2015. I'll be watching! Good luck LaVerne!
efh Haskell

Personally I don't think it will go any place but back in my trailer. They say they can get the money...I doubt it. I have a reserve so I'm not gonna give it away. I wasn't aware there was any "coverage " Ed.

Nobody's guessed numbers, so I'll throw some out.
The BJ cars are all no reserve so I'll start there.

The TD...$28,000
The TF...$34,000

Shellby's TC sold for $315,500 in 2008..He's no longer around to push the sale so it could go either way..

I'm guessing it tops out around 200 grand or less.

Red TD a Russo is no reserve My guess..13,500

My TD.... Bidding tops out at 22,000

Blue TD Bidding stops at 24,000

No logic here...just guesses

MG LaVerne

LaVerne, that is a beautifully restored TD. Regardless of what the sale price ends up being, somebody is getting a very nice TD. It is a shame you have to part with it. I am curious to see what it sells for.
D. Sander

LaVerne - despite not following auctions closely, it looks like you are being very modest about your car.
Looking for data the site linked below offers a summary of auction results for 1952 TD's for a number of years.
It shows a nice rise in average prices in 2013 and 2014.
Hovering the cursor over the bars shows the dollar value for the high, average and low sales for the year.
For 2014 it shows the average sale price for 1952 TD's was $ 28,550.

Here's hoping that the auction yields a good sale for your TD. It is a very, very nice car.

Bobby Galvez

They will post the results on the web RS web page won't they?
efh Haskell

My experience in these sorts of things is that it has very to little to do with the quality or originality of the car, but the story that can be told about the car.

We have seen this with the Carroll Shelby TC and the MM/CC TD.

But even less cars need some sort of story. Hence you see the claims for 'original owner', only car painted this color in the year 195x, rare black upholstery, special gold replacement engine, yada yada.

So make up some crazy story to go with the car and it will get more attention and raise the price. And the buyer will be even more excited to buy it because they will have the story to tell all of their friends.

In my opinion nobody at a car auction is buying a car because its a nice car. Its an ego thing.
Christopher Couper

"Feel free to pick em apart...including mine." OK. I'll probably get hammered for this but here goes..

I don't know enough about TF's to comment so I'll say nothing. (That was easy). The shots of the blue TD don't really show enough detail for meaningful comment, except perhaps to paint the underside of the toolbox lid black, so again I'll abstain. The red TD is a long way from original, so again no comment.

Now if I had the bucks & purchased the black TD the only things I'd change (cause nothing gets me drooling more than a dead original car) would be the dash, I'd dechrome the radiator slats (cause it doesn't appear to be a TDC) & paint them the interior colour & I'd bend the radiator stay just under the front carby.

With the green TD the exterior piping would have to go, I'd spend a few hours straightening the radiator slats, I'd paint the brushes cover on the genny black & I'd find an original rocker cover. I'd also change the plug leads to black & I'd repaint the oil filter canister green if it was a Purolater & gold if it was a Tecalemit. I'd then take it to every concours in the country & say bring it on! And I'd be really miffed if I didn't win!!

Both great cars. I hope you need a wheelbarrow to take the money home in LaVerne.

I've now donned my hard hat & am preparing for incomings! Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

I have taken pictures of the cars on my iPhone but I do not know how to post them to this list. Give me a hand and I will post.

JWP Policastro

laVerne do not know when you are leaving CO but let me know if you would like to stay in guest house either coming or going or both I am in Flag near the airport using airport transfers tonbridge.

Let me know so I can raise the temp in the in floor heating.

JWP Policastro

Pays to have a kid with computer knowledge. Here is La Verne's cars.

JWP Policastro


JWP Policastro

Try one more.

JWP Policastro

I like the plastic drip mats under the T cars :-)
Christopher Couper

LaVerne, is R and S televised?
T Maine

I walked the BJ yesterday with the brother inlaw. My feet are killing me. An amazing number of cars and stuff for sale. Thanks for the offer Joe. I think RS has some live streaming on the web Bud Got mine parked yesterday. Go wipe the dew off this morning and then off to the golf course. I have a freshly painted tan set of slats that go with the car Peter along with some other bits

MG LaVerne

Bid early

MG LaVerne

And bid often 😄car also comes with the matching material to cover the Dash if you don't like the walnut Peter

MG LaVerne


Did Steve McQueen ever own/drive/look at your TD? That seems to add a big price multiplier.

Good luck and if I didn't already have a TD, I would be there with my checkbook.

Charles Duffy

I hope you smash it out of the park LaVerne! (The car that is, not the golfball! :) Good luck. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Beats the crap out of shoveling snow

MG LaVerne

Dan Craig

MG LaVerne

No sale at 26
MG LaVerne

to bad.
T Maine


I thought your car would have beaten that amount quite handily.


Bobby L.
B. F. Loughridge

But was the golf any good?
Count it a nice getaway in mid winter.
Dan Craig

Sold after the hammer after some bickering. Glad its gone
MG LaVerne

Buy an "A" to fix up while you're there!
efh Haskell

Glad you're satisfied...
Gene Gillam

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