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MG TD TF 1500 - Wanted Early MGB rear

You guys know what I need. I only want a 3.9 from an early MGB. Hopefully one is available within 150 miles from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Email me if you have one for sale. Thanks, PJ
P Jennings

You might get a complete MGB for less than the price of the rear end. We picked up a rust bucket for about $75 off of ebay. Wound up sticking the disc brakes & fuel pump on as well as the rear end.
Sold the engine & tranny for a healthy profit; even the seats went for more than the purchase price.
We did have a 20 hour round trip to acquire it, but my wife still laughs as she describes to people how we just managed to roll it up into our 12' box truck and barely closed the doors with the B in it (no bumpers). Another episode!
I seem to recall it was easier to cut up the carcass rather than pull the engine & goodies.
Jim Northrup

Have a couple lined up, actually three, thanks to some of you. Distance for pick up, ease of shipping will more than likely be the determining factor on which I'll choose. PJ
P Jennings

Well I picked up a rear today out of a 63 B. It's a complete rear with drums wire wheel hubs and knock offs. On the differential housing is stamped with two numbers, 11 and 43. The 11 is over the 43. How does this break down to an understandable ratio? I'm assuming it means 11 teeth on the pinion and 43 on the ring gear. PJ
P Jennings


Divide the 43 by the get a 3.90 rear-end ratio.
Gene Gillam

Thanks Gene! Much appreciated. PJ
P Jennings

Next, you'll be on the lookout for the front discs/calipers/hubs from an MGB with wire adapters, then wire wheels, and some nifty tires... can be a sweet disease!
Jim Northrup

No, no other stuff from a non TF! The car will be original in every respect with the exception of the gears! If I was going that route, it would have gotten a 5 speed transmission and who knows what else. Sorry!
P Jennings

Did I ever show my car? Here it is in the before stage. PJ

P Jennings

PJ your TF looks more like an "after" stage. Very nice!
Jim Merz

Sueweeeeeet ride!
Stay in touch for the required modifications it will take!
Yours Truly,
Ben Dare Dundat
Jim Northrup

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