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MG TD TF 1500 - Wedding cake topper

My bride to be found this figurine on line. It's going on our wedding using wedding cars tonbridge cake next month. It's amazing how closely it resembles my TD.
It only has a primer coat on it but I don't want to be too picky.

Mort 50 TD

That is soo coool,, I've never seeen one before,,, Congratulations to you and Fredda!!!

Steve Wincze

Congratulations and Best Wishes to you Mort.
Jim Merz


Congrats Mort!
Geoffrey M Baker

So cool, congratulations Mort,

Gerard Hengeveld

Congratulations Mate. Nice one.

And I hope your MG budget doesn't become a 'Her indoors" budge. :)

Strange how that happens...?

R. D. Jones


Felicitations and many happy years to you both.

James Neel

Where did you find it? I'm not planning to get married soon, but might be a good idea to have one in reserve just in case.

Mort, congratulations! And all the best to you and Fredda!
D. Sander

I cant see anything wrong with the colour! ;-D
Just needs some uncooked spaghetti laid vertically over the grille to represent the slats.


M Magilton

Mort, it looks fantastic !
But wy is your bride on the RH side of the TD? Is it a clear statement that she should never drive the car?
Sorry for my interpretation :-)
All the best for you both. I'm sure you will find a way.
GK Guenter

Congratulations.. My best to you and Freddie. Regards, tom
tm peterson

Link for the topper through Amazon:
Mort 50 TD

If anybody in Melbourne Australia is seeking these, I've seen them locally in bake supply shop 6mths ago... price approx A$30ish too.

They're bigger than you'd think, about 1/18th scale if not larger.

Think you'd need at least 8" round top tier & pretty strong supports all the way up!
W Chang

Congrats, Mort. Looks as if I was right last year at British By the Sea. Looks as if my bride and I will be coming this year to celebrate our 57th anniversary. Bud
Bud Krueger

I'm sorry I will miss you this year at British By The Sea. There is the conflict with the GOF. We will be heading up to Saratoga Springs for about a week.
Say hello to everyone for us.

Mort 50 TD

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