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MG TD TF 1500 - Yet another spray booth!

So, yes, it can be done. Another homebrew spray booth now exists for the amusement of some future archive reader wondering if it can be done. With the help of a friend who could probably frame a whole house in a day. Thanks Neal! And also thanks to you guys out there who published your own such photos for inspiration & ideas!!!!!

Fyi, the opening in the right side is to wheel the tub in/out for spraying. It closes when not in use. Booth is ventilated by a simple 20" box fans (not shown). Seems to "really suck", at least in test mode. Yea, I have a respirator, white suit, headcover, etc. Floor plastic goes in also. Now let's see if I can finish painting this sucker before the first snow falls!

For those who are Facebook inclined, more photos exist here:!/photos.php?id=100000076465967

efh Haskell

Thanks for posting Ed. Great photos of car and the "king". It's always great to see photos of folks that post on this Board and with whom we've had direct contact. As I am now approaching the body work and paint, for my TF, did you have experience doing such priming and painting before doing this project? Your work looks like it has been done by an experienced hand.

Cheers -- John

John Brickell

hello, thanks for the info and pics. i wish you continued success on your project.
i have a question. i can't tell from your picture if you are "pressurizing" your spray booth or "drawing" with your box fan. i have always preferred to pressurize the booth. i let the fan suck through the filter. when i use the box fan to "pressurize" the spray booth i don't have to seal as many spots and, although the risk is probably small, i'm not sending combustible fumes through the electric fan motor. regards, tom
tom peterson

Ed, Looks really good. I'll be curious as to how well your booth works. I've heard from some that the plastic will attract 'dried atomized paint' and create a dust that will interfer with laying down subsequent layers.

Dave Braun

John, no, I've never painted a car in my life. Thanks for the compliment.

Tom, having never done this before I'll have to learn the hard way and try both methods. Thanks for the tip.

Dave, I hope you're wrong! If the dry paint creates a dust between layers sounds like I'll have to hose it off or something between layers. Hummm...I'll try to post results.
efh Haskell

Just curious, I've read about "wetting the floor" prior to a painting session I guess to keep any dust down? Pro's or con's (aside from maybe being slippery)?
efh Haskell

Ed, an auto body shop next door uses the " wetting the floor " method. I have done so while painting trucks and equipment. It does help with dust but when painting something big the hair hose gets dragged through the water and can cause problems. Probably not an issue painting a TD.
Steve Averka

I tried the floor wet once and got fisheyes up the wazoo from the humidity.

Just came across this product, which may speed the assembly and disassembly of a temporary spray booth.

Zipwall dust barrier system

I have no experience with this product other than reading about it in a magazine.

Larry Shoer all your painting before opening a container of silicon brake fluid...don't even have a rag with it on anywhere near.....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Larry, I looked at Zipwalls. As I remember by the time you buy all the "parts" you've spent a small fortune. I spent about $75 for a load of 2x4's. The plastic you need to buy in either case. I am using their zippers however - work great!

My silicon fluid remains sealed - I trust you're saying it doesn't mix well with paint? Sounds like you've been there Gordon.
efh Haskell

I had put silicon in the Wolseley and there is a power booster vent in the trunk....when the bodyshop couldn't figure out where the fisheyes were coming from they grilled me on my silicon and when i showed them the trunk vent they went "ahhhhhhhhh' (in a 'tough luck fella, this is your fault and what you see is what you get' sort of tone!!!!!!)
The rear fenders and trunk lid have a few...(too many)....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

this in reply to LED, i always thought fisheye was from contamination from waxes and silicon. i thought blushing was a result of too much humidity. are you sure you aren't attaching blame to the wrong element? i have limited experience shooting paint and school was a long time i could be wrong.
i just did an internet search and all it gave for fisheye was contamination..not humidity. regards, tom
tom peterson

I had a friend that built his own spray booth. He made the entry door with an opening that he could slide house central air filters into. On the back end he installed an attic vent fan. It did more damage than good as it sucked air from every possible draft point depositing airborne debris in the paint finish. Brake fluid with silicon is a major contaminant to paint spraying outcome.
Mike Hart (52 TD 16378)

One word of advice about the fan. The paint is highly flammable. You should keep any electric motor that is not explosion proof away from the paint fumes.

gl krukoski

Mike, I went with Tom's suggestion above to do a "pressurized" booth. I'm glad I did! I now know I'm not sucking any nasties into the booth through all the little nooks & cranies. And the fan sucks fresh air into the booth and no explosions yet! I also keep the windows open & the 2nd garage door open part way for fresh air. So far it's working pretty good. Time will tell...
efh Haskell

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