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Triumph GT6 - 69 gt6 parts avail

I have a 67 gt6 parts cars. Body is shot. only salvaged part was the top. I have a differential, a tranny, and the engine. asking any reasonable price, Flexible.

Willing to sell, or even trade for 67 gt6 parts (body parts, floor pans, rims needed)

Geographic location is northern utah.
Hazen Wardle

Can't help you with body stuff but if you need som eoddball stuff, let me know. I just finished restoring my 67 and have some left over parts. SOme aren't perfect and I don't have a whole lot but I do have a shelled out engine from the first 1000 made. I wanted to save it but there just aren't any parts out there since those engines were different from the rest of the GT6 line. I figured I better hold onto it just in case someone else out there ever needed a piece from it.

PS - You wouldn't happen to know what one of these 67s is going for now days would you? Seems that the books only list 69-73. Mine is a daily driver and not 100% perfect but it has all new body panels, no rust, no bondo, great paint, original working distributor and See through fuel pump etc. I am guessing 5-6K but have heard everything from 3K to 20K because of the serial number ( 701 )

Good Luck,


This thread was discussed between 07/06/2000 and 18/06/2000

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