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Triumph GT6 - flywheels,gearboxes & engines

I have a late (MKII) 2.5 litre six engine, a late GT6 MKII flywheel and a late TR gearbox (from a 2.5S saloon). Will the flywheel marry up the gearbox to the engine? I can't just assemble and try because the engine is a 'spare' in need of rebuild and the gearbox is already assembled onto the back of another engine built into a car. If it will fit then I'll rebuild the engine with the flywheel/clutch/crank/conrods/pulley balanced. I don't want any avoidable trial assembly. Can anyone help?
jonathan binnington

I think that the parts will all bolt together ok as long as you use the correct clutch assembly (tr and stag input shaft is 1.25 inch 2000 and 2.5 saloon is 1.00inch) BUT if you intend to put this gearbox into a gt6 you will find that there is not enough clearence from the chassis!!!
robert plumb

This thread was discussed between 15/10/2000 and 30/10/2000

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