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Triumph GT6 - GT6 missfire

My 1974 GT6 MKIII has developed a missfire but only on right hand bends. I have checked the floats, diaphragms needles, choke assy, fuel pump & filters (mine has a facet electric pump with regulator-checked them too!)mixture, timing & engine electrics, and can't find anything wrong. I have tried raising and lowering the float heights to see if that makes any difference, but it feels like it's not getting enough fuel. I have even lifted the right side of the car to see if the floats are shutting of with a fuel surge but it runs perfectly, even at a ridiculous angle. The car otherwise runs perfectly but this problem won't go away. Somebody please give me a clue, it's hard work going left all the time!
Stuart Whyman

A sudden missfire hat corrects istslef again is probably electrical, rather than fuelling. You have excluded the usual fuelling causes anyway!

Check all the connections and for worn insulation in the igniton circuits, low voltage first.

I have heard of a similar case. It was caused by a faulty earth lead which should run between the engine and the chassis. On my GT6 it runs to the bulkhead.

Check it out, you never know!

Norbo has offered you another cause - what happened? Please feedback.

This thread was discussed between 04/09/2001 and 15/02/2002

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