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Triumph GT6 - GT6 purchase pitfalls?

I'm going to be looking at a GT6+ this weekend. I've never dealt with gt6s before and need some advice on where to check for problems. I've only seen one email photo, in which the GT6 looks to have ALOT of surface rust. I know to check the door sills and floor for rust, what are some other areas? I don't think this will be restorable, probably a parts car, but I don't want to pre-judge.

The car has sat out, uncovered for a long time. One vent window is missing and the photo shows both door windows rolled down. The only defect with the drivetrain the owner will state is that the mount flange for the starter is broken. What else should I look for? Do GT6s have the same thrust washer problems as Spitfires do?


Look at for a buyer's guide. As you say sills are critical, if gone the shell may never realign. Also on GT6's the lead edge of the roof panels are problematic, although mini roof sections can be made to fit. Tailgates are alo unique to the GT6.

Mechanically the cars are allegedly straight forward (I am an armchair expert only!) but I believe driveshafts and rotoflex suspension to be a pain in the ****

Good luck !


I recently purchased a 1971 GT6. The only problem , I have is getting the turn signals to work, otherwise it is a good car. Luckily mine was only 2 person owner.

If any one has an ansewer for turn signals let me know. Falsher is new

This thread was discussed between 21/05/2002 and 18/08/2002

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