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Triumph GT6 - gt6/spitfire rebody

I know somebody makes a fiberglas replica body for MG but does anybody make one for gt6/spit chassis? I have an excellent frame, suspension and drive train for a gt6 but my body has seen better days. I would rather not piece it back together as this seems like alot of work and expense for what would probably be a crappy job.I could probably even use some sort of racing body, basically anything that will fit the frame. It doesn't even have to be a triumph.
Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks, M.D.
mark drexel

Contact the TSSC (Triumph Sports Six Club) in the UK. They have a club section for 'specials', all built on the Herald/Spit/GT6 chassis, usually with sporty body work. THis months edition of the Club mag features a Lotus Seven lookalike.

Contact TSSC at

Mark....somewhere along the way, I acquired a GT6 rolling chassis w/engine..body is solid & sound except for some rust in floors...sills are great as is bonnet & other rust-prone areas...I'm an MG guy myself so the whole thing goes for $750....Tony
Anthony Barnhill

This thread was discussed between 28/04/2000 and 31/05/2000

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