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Triumph GT6 - GT6 wheel sizes

What is the PCD, overhang of the hub & the spacing of the wheel bolts for a GT6.

I want to get some new wheels to fit my Mk1 & need this info. as few people have heard of a GT6.

Does any one have any idea as to the largest or most appropriate wheel sizes that this car will take without extensive mods to body work etc. I want to retain the same hubs but to fit some more modern rubber to assist in its not going through hedges backwards..

any other comments are appreciated.
D Parsonsv

Where abouts are you from - If you live in the UK there are loads of places that sell wheels for a GT6 off the shelf
mark gater -

I have a MK3 GT6 and have fitted wheels which were previously fitted to my TR7V8. They are Compromotive cross spoke alloys 13x6 and have 185/60 tyres. They foul the bulkhead slightly when reversing on full lock, otherwise are fine. PS. MGF wheels are the same fitment as they are now on the TR
Mark Pearson

This thread was discussed between 04/02/1999 and 01/06/1999

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