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Triumph GT6 - HELP! I need 1 GT6 piston! .020 over size flat top

HELP! I need 1 GT6 piston! .020 over size flat top. I was hoping I had a bad valve or head gasket but found a damaged pistion. This GT6 engine is in my TR6 (suprise!)and I have a TR6 engine I am rebuilding but I want this engine to last for the summer while I work on the other engine so I don't want to spend anymore than I absolutely have to! The serial number is KD51930 which makes it an earlier GT6. The engine has been rebuilt once and has .020 over size pistons. I know I'm asking a lot but if someone out there has one let me know what you want for it.
CAK Kirchhoff

Ask this on the TR6 board. I believe the difference between the GT6 (2.0 liter) and TR6 (2.5 liter) engines is the stroke, not the bore. They use the same pistons.

I ran into the same deal with a spare "frankenmotor" made up of GT6, early and late TR6 parts. Mine does displace a measured 2.5 liters.

Try checking with the various vendors (Moss, VB, TRF, etc.) too. I know Moss had a "scratch & dent" sale a few years ago that included incomplete piston sets, missing rings, etc.

Good luck,
Tom Sotomayor

This thread was discussed between 27/03/2008 and 03/04/2008

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