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Triumph GT6 - Looking For GT6 Parts

1970-GT6 plus
Looking for exhaust manifold.
Looking for side marker lamps.
Looking for front turn signals.

Looking for front bumper with overiders for 1968 GT6 MK1.

Hardtop for early spitfire for sale.
Jack Vogel

Hello all,

I'm looking for the rear turn signal lens for a 69 GT6+. This is the circular one and not the weird bulbous one for the brake/park light.

I have called my regualr suppliers and no one seems to have it listed. This is the only part keeping me from driving!

Please cc me at my e-mail address.
Michel Pelletier

Otto&Toto at the Rumble-B Garage; We are always interested in new web sights that have any thing to do with the Triumph automobile for we are very much interested in it because of our involvement with the Rumble-B & the Rumble-B Express ( which is a ) small 4x5 trailer that looks like a 4x5 le mans race car ,of course it is painted the same color as the Rumble-B as always a friend to the L.B.C. Otto&Toto
otto kemp

This thread was discussed between 25/03/2001 and 03/09/2001

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