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Triumph GT6 - Rumbling Noise from the rear

I've just bought my first GT6, I know you are not supposed to buy the first one you see, but I did, I could help my self. Anyway, at speeds above 70mph, I get a flapping/rumbling noise from the rear of the car. The sought of noise a flat tire makes when driven on. I've checked the rotoflex are in good condition, as are the tyres - although I haven't checked to see if they are balanced. Does anyone have any ideas? The noise is not present below 70mph and is not related to engine speed.

Also what should reasonable cruising speed should I get from a MKIII with no overdrive, before it gets rattly and noisy?

Ollie; Have you checked the rear end lub . my mkIII made noise and I pulled it out and checked it's in side and it needed it's pins driffed in to be in the correct position and when I reinstalled it it ran better . That is the limit of my knowlege on that subject L.B.C. for ever Otto& Toto at the Rumble-B Garage
otto kemp

This diagnosis flowchart appears a bit garbled on this BB. Anyone who wants an MSWord version, email me.

(Stolen from John Kipping’s catalogue (JK now incorporated into Canley Classics)
I have summarised John’s ‘Notes’. Any mistakes/inaccuracies are mine alone.)

REAR END NOISES, Non-Rotaflex.
Knock or rattle on slowing down? Yes >>>>>>>>> Not the diff. But the U/Js
No See Note 1

Continuous noise, Yes >>>>>>>>> Wheel bearings
no change on acceleration or slowing down Will be louder on one side
No See Note 2

Continuous noise, Yes >>>>>>> Differential See note 3
Loudest on acceleration

Get on the net!

1/ Caused by:
A/ Worn U/J Replace
B/ Worn Yoke/flange Circlip rubs and causes a shiny ring
Replace flange or halfshaft
C/ End float in U/J Oversized circlips
[Only available from JK – JD]

2/ May be worse cornering. Usually means a new half shaft as well

3/ May disappear on deceleration. Neither one side or the other.
Usually a ‘whining’ noise .
Knocking, vibration or rattling are NOT caused by the diff.

REAR END NOISES, Rotaflex only.
Continuous bearing noise? Yes >>>>>>>>> Wheel bearings
No See Note 4

Continuous noise, Yes >>>>>>>>> Differential
on acceleration or slowing down But some units can just be noisy
No See Note 3 above

Knock or rattles Yes>>>>>>>>>Where to start?
on poor road surfaces Loose top shock mount?
Lose shock absorber?
No Incorrect shocks?
Worn tunnions?
Worn/broken spring?
Get on the net!

4/ New wheel bearings. Merely replacing the old shims and spacers in the old hub
will give an “acceptable” result. If hub or axle have also been replaced then the assembly must be re-shimmed.


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