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Triumph GT6 - wire wheels

I have a 68 mk1 with wire wheels on it. Did these come standard or were they added after. I'm just getting into restoring it and I have'nt found much on it, of all the pictures I've seen of GT6s I have'nt seen any with wire wheels.

Wire wheels weren't standard on the mk1 but were an optional item on the II & III. They obviously were available at the the time as they fitted other cars. I have a 1967 mk I I'm retoring now and I have opted to go for a set of "minilite replicas" They give the car a totally new look ( signal red car with fresh alloys and I have squeezed 175 * 13 * 65 pirelli 2000's on her as well !! I will send you some photo's of the progress as I am going and perhaps you could me Thanks Mark
mark gater -

What size are your Alloy rims 13*5 or 13* 5.5? i'm thinking of doing the same thing on my GT6 Mk2

I used to own a Mk 4 Spitfire (EYE 43 J) and put on 13x5.5 DUNLOP wheels. I fitted 185x 70 FIRESTONEs and had no trouble with fouling. However one thing to remeber is that in 1973 the rear track was widened by one inch which may affect later cars.
Russell Jaggard

I purchased a '67 gt6 off the showroom floor with wire wheels. They were an option and are shown on some of the photos in the sales literature of the time.

This thread was discussed between 03/04/1999 and 21/12/1999

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