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Triumph Vitesse - Swop Wolseley 1500 for Vitesse

I am thinking of swopping my 1961 Wolseley 1500 for a Vitesse. The Wolseley is in very good condition and has a current MOT. The car is a 1961 Mk 2 model and requires no road tax. The car is used daily and has approximately 70000 original miles on the clock, and the engine is very clean and healthy. It has been well maintained by me. It is very sound structurally and very clean inside and out. It has a pre-letter registration plate (which is the original one).

I am looking to do a straight swop (no money adjustment), for a Vitesse (preferably 2 litre, but will consider a 1.6). The Vitesse must also be in a similar condition to my Wolseley -no rust, structurally sound, good engine and clean inside and out. It must have a current MOT and be used frequently.

If interested please e-mail me.
Dave Bay

This thread was discussed on 10/02/2001

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