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Triumph Spitfire - 1300cc vs 1500cc

Hi Folks
I may get shot for posting this as its not in direct relation to a Triumph.
Hear Goes.

I own a 1979 MG Midget rebuilt by me over the last 2 years, its now in conc. class 2.
During my engine rebuild I discovered that the engine was in fact out of a Triumph 1300 spitfire.
It is fitted with the 1500cc head (large valves) & runs very well with bages of torque.
From all my readings about the 1500 been over stressed I am lookig for Tech. info regarding the 1300.

Basic facts - the block, crank & cam shaft are late 1300 spec. so the only diff I can see is the pistins & actual swept volume.

Can anyone please give me the performance details of the late 1300 vs the 1500?
- BHP.
- Torque @ spcific rpm
- Any history ? is the 1300 bottom end stronger than the 1500?

Anything would be of great interest.

Thanks in advance


Vaughan Rich

Hi Vaughan

I probably can't help you on all these points, but I'll let you know what I do.

First up, the bottom end. The 1300 runs a 3 bearing crank. As such, it is probably weaker than that found on the 1500. Some actually prefer this bottom end, as the mechanical/frictional losses are less than the 1500.

Regarding power and torque. The 1300 from the Mk3 Spitfire is said to generate more power than the later 1500, which is a more torquey engine. However, comparisons of power and torque from manufacturer's data is difficult: there were different standards in place between the time of the rating of the 1300 and 1500... it is said that the claims for the 1300 may have been a little, er, optimistic! Perhaps if someone has rolling road tested their standard car could comment?

Sorry, not too much help. My Mk3 has a 1300 in it, and I love it and its ability to rev sweetly and quickly up to the red line. Much better than any modern engine I can think of.

Rob Bell

Vaughan go the VTR site( they have all the specs for the Spitfire from the first model up and including the 1500.

This thread was discussed between 26/07/2000 and 09/08/2000

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