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Triumph Spitfire - 74 Spitfire Advice

I'm currently thinking of buying a 1974 Spitfire with 54,000 miles. Since this is my first Triumph, I was hoping someone on the BBS would be able to answer my questions. This car has been sitting for 3 years
but previous to this was driven daily. The motor runs well and has compression of 110lbs, but is a bit smokey on startup (valve seals?), and also has a buildup of pressure in the crankcase. Previous owner has replaced the crankcase ventilation valve (with a used one) - but the problem is still there. Is this a serious issue that requires a rebuild - or would a new crankcase ventilation valve fix this problem?(rings?)
My second concern is that work has been done to the frame. I'm unsure of specifics, but the owner
suggested that it cost $850 to fix the frame. The owner suggested that the car was parked in a wet area
frequently ( by the owner before him) and as a result there were holes in the floor and frame that needed repair. Should I even consider buying this car knowing that the frame was fixed?

Are there any other problem areas that I need to pay close inspection to in this year of Spitfire?
The car itself is origional and is running. It does need carpeting and some some small interior work,new paint and maybe a clutch.. The current owner has replaced the head gasket, waterpump and brakes. The car also comes with a hardtop. Considering the price of $ 1500, is this a good deal?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Aivars Berzins
Aivars Berzins


Don't do it!! It needs engine work, there's frame rot, there's body rot,and even if it ran that car can't be worth more that $500 max. Hell, I'd sell you my son's Spitfire if he wanted to sell it (I doubt he wants to sell it), but I know you can do better. Save your cash and look for a car in the States or at best keep looking (Windsor, Ontario would have a better choice of Spitfires). Avoid a bad car unless you don't care about wasting money.
Tony Azcona

This thread was discussed between 17/04/2000 and 26/04/2000

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