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Triumph Spitfire - 79 spitfire

just bought it at an auction (abandoned) anyone know where i can get the best parts at the best price? any info would be great. thanks

Try Victoria British or the Roadster Factory, but ALWAYS check first. I got a complete set of brakes for my '79 (Loaded front calipers, rear cylinders and shoes) for $143USD last year.

Good Luck with your '79, and keep us (or from the looks of this board, maybe just me) updated. I'll happily share anything I know with you.
T. M. Brex

would like to thank t.m. brex for the info. will check into those suppliers. thanks again.

might not have gotten the great deal i thought , just a good one i guess. been workin on the spit , so far have not found much rust , have to replace trunnion (left side). found bad wire in harness still traceing that. brakes (front and back) look good , alittle rusty but rotors and drums are smooth with good pads. cleaned and painted fuel tank and trunk while tank was out. need sending unit! have cleaned and undercoated floor panels and rear wheel wells. put rebuild kits in both master brake and master clutch. working on replaceing upper inside door panels. have cleaned , primer , and painted firewall. had wheels sand blasted , painted black . OH! found a dried up pine cone in tail pipe , removed it , dumped gas in carb and it fired up . i was impressed. ran rough but the last lic. date was 94. would like to thank everyone for listening . please add comments!


Give me a mail if I can help. I've a ton of Spitfire pieces and at reasonable prices.

Jim (member in good standing)
For all your Spitfire needs.
Jim Deatsch

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