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Triumph Spitfire - an extra 15H.P.????

if you bolt on a pair of 1& a half inch su's do they really give an extra 15H.P.
there are a pair for sale on e-bay & i wondered if this was right what the guy says.
anyone know??

Well, the average increase was 20% I think. They are a big improvement over the single Stromberg carb installed on NA spits from '70 onward. An earlier Spit with twin 1 1/4" SUs wouldn't get as much of a gain, just a bit in top end power.
I have a set of 1 1/2" SUs on my '78. Plenty of carb to handle almost any engine tweak right up to full race engines. Probably the cheapest hp increase you can get.

'78 Spit twin HS4's, header, OD, Pertronix ign., Konis

This thread was discussed between 28/12/2001 and 30/12/2001

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