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Triumph Spitfire - Converting to single carb


I was wondering if anyone knows of a suitable manifold to convert
a 1500 engine to a single SU carb, prefferably an 1 3/4 HIF.

Any info would be gratefully recieved.

My first thought is why on earth you would want to do such a thing? Stuart Cashmore

Yes, this conversion IS possible. The 1500 Spitfire shares its engine with the 1500 Dolly, so you should be able to source a suitable inlet manifold reasonably easily.

Unfortunately I do not have handy the specs for the Dolly manifold or the 1 3/4" HIF carb, but I rather suspect that the Dolly manifold will have insufficient bore to be directly useful to you. It makes sense to check. If not, then the alternative is to have a custom manifold cast- then you can design a volumetrically more efficient manifold to fit under the bonnet.

As to why one would want to convert:
1. better fuel economy
2. better low rpm engine torque, for only a small reduction in top end power.

My personal preference would be for an after market fuel injection system, but that's another story!

Mk3 Spit

This thread was discussed between 24/03/1999 and 06/07/1999

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