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Triumph Spitfire - Crank Bolt

I have a nasty leak around my timing chain cover. I need to pull the crank bolt which is 1 13/16, but can not manage to do it. I have tried everything from a six foot breaker bar to bracing the wrench and turning the engine over... nothing will work. Am i doing something wrong.... Is the bolt reverse thread? PLEASE HELP

The bolt has a normal thread.
You've tried a long lever on the bolt, but what did you use to oppose it? Try wedging the back wheels with the car in high gear. If the engine is out, take off the flywheel and bolt an equally long lever in its place.


Been there. Done that, several times. Try to find an air impact wrench. If you don't have an air source, a small portable tank will do. Remove the radiator (if engine is in the car) and go for it. You will be surprised at how quick the nut will fly off!

Where are you located in Virginia?

Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson

This thread was discussed between 11/04/2002 and 13/04/2002

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