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Triumph Spitfire - engine colors

was there any reason for the variety of engine and valve cover paint colors. does it designate the plant they were produced in?....year of manufacture?....whatever paint they had left over?
my 66/67 spit has a black block and mettalic copper valve cover...a 72 i'm considering has a light blue block and valve cover . my first spit had a black block and green valve cover. any clues? i noticed in the last addition of spitfire the row of spits had all different valve cover colors.i would like my restorations to be as accurate as possible right down to the original engine and valve cover color.
david pendergast

I am pretty sure Mk4's had silver valve covers. Nov. 74 they were changed to a redish-orange color.
Engine blocks were always black.

My spitfire came with a can of Inca Yello paint. The manufacturer is AustinRover Group Limited. I've had my car repainted the original Inca Yellow color but have no touch up paint. Unfortunatly, the little can I have is empty.

Does anyone know where I can buy any Triumph Spitfire paint?


This thread was discussed between 12/01/2001 and 14/01/2001

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