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Triumph Spitfire - Engine Re-build

I have just rebuilt my 77 Spitfire 1500 engine. I have changed quite a few things on it. It now has A Fast Road 83 camshaft, lightened cam followers and the Cylinder head off of the FWD 1500 (has bigger inlet valves). I have turned the motor over on the starter a few times and have tried to start it. However I cannot get it to fire at all. I think the timing is well off and am a bit worried that I've put the timing gear back on wrong. I've decided to get a mobile tuner in to sort it but not sure if a moble tuner would undertake this type of tune up. Anybody used a mobile tuner before?

I am from Canada and am playing around with spitfires,
what is a FWD head, did you follow the competition manual about degreeing.

James Bucsis

The FWD head is the head off of a Triumph 1500 (front wheel drive), it bolts straight on and has larger inlet ports/valves. I was looking into stage 2 heads and all that, but when I spoke to the guys at Canely Classics they said that one of the best options was to fit the head off of a FWD 1500 as it was a much cheaper option.

Have got it all running now, just gonna let it run in for a bit before I give it some stick. TBQH I haven't even looked at the competition manual, just took some advice off various Triumph Specialists.

This thread was discussed between 08/05/2003 and 02/06/2003

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