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Triumph Spitfire - External differences in Spit motors??

OTHER than the difference in the 2 port (Mark I, II)and four port intake (Mark III, IV) what are the PHYSICAL (appearance) differences in the 1147cc, the 1296cc and the "1500" block and heads.??

In other words ...are there any physical differences that can be readily seen to determine displacement ??

How about case (block) casting numbers that are viewable externally ??

Im not talking intake manifold or exhaust manifold differences...make believe there is only a long block sitting on the floor.

I know the engine number tells a tale also....but when the block is decked doesn't the number go away??

Are the heads interchangeable on the different blocks ??? E.G. ...can a four port head be used on an 1147 ?

Would really appreciate your responses......e-mailing me is best.



I quote from John Kipping's catalogue:
Spitfire engine numbers are prefixed by:
FC - 1147 Spit 1 & 2
FD - 1296 Spit 3
FH - 1296 Spit 4
FM - 1492 Spit 1500

Gx prefixes are Herald engines

For more look at John's website
John D


Appreciate ur input thus far....however,,, if the block is decked the numbers go away.

I need physical differences....

I hear on another site the case breather on the r.h. side is only there on the 1147 blocks... true??

Any other discriminating things???

How about case (block) casting numbers???

So, the difficult questions come next, eh?

I can't answer!

Suggest a letter to the founts of all Spitfire knowledge, John Thomason, via the TSSC ( or John Kipping (major UK parts man and really nice bloke) via
Good luck!
John Davies

This thread was discussed between 11/05/2000 and 17/05/2000

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