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Triumph Spitfire - For Sale 1979 cheap

Someone, please, help me find a home for a deserving car. Its in excellent one owner condition. Runs and drives just fine. Has new clutch and all hydraulics except for wheels. Its smogable in 49 states, hence my problem, I live in Calif. The car is an Oregon car, but theres no rust at all. I only need $1200 for a nice convertable to give good gas mileage.
call me at 925-6842684. Thanx in advance

I wish I lived a bit closer, Bob, the "ca" in my email address is Canada, not California!
I have a 1978 Spit, in blue, a fun little car.
I am sure someone will want it.
Simon R


Try to find a local club (search the net, there MUST be a Triumph club in the bay area) or try Ebay.
T. M. Brex

This thread was discussed between 31/05/2005 and 06/07/2005

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