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Triumph Spitfire - Full width rads and other cooling issues

Has anyone used a full width radiator in a 1500? I see these are now available from Rimmer Bros and Canley Classics.

I assume they have a better cooling capacity than standard rads but would like to hear anyone elses experience for buying one.

There is a big price differenec between Canley Classics and Rimmer (115 - 165 from memory). Does anyone know why or does anyone know any other, better priced/better quality suppliers?

I am also looking for good quality heater hoses that do not start perishing after a year or two and has anyone seen a good mounting arrangement for a cooling fan thermo switch?

The thermo switch supplied with the Kenlowe fan does not look very neat. I would like to fit a standard modern thermo switch - but these normally need a large diameter threaded orifice in the rad.
alex gandon

It could be the number of cooling rows, say a three row vs. a two row unit, or then it could just be a big price difference. Standard fitment for the wide units was a two row unit. As for the wide units, they were used on NA spec cars from 1976 through 1978(?). After that, the NA spec cars received a canted unit with an electric fan.

I fitted 1976 unit to my wife's 1975 1500 when we lived in Texas. It did help on those nasty 100+ (36C+) summer days. Even then, I thought that I should have had it recored to a three row.

I purchased the Full width rad from Rimmers and did notice the engine ran a little cooler. However the new rad was taller than the old one, so when i shut the bonnet it put a nice dent where the rad cap goes. Had to cut the rad brackets on the chassis down about 1/2 an inch to get it to fit. Manganged to roll the dent out. Apparently the full width rad from Rimmers is just a Herald one.

I'd like to find some better quality hose's to. I purchased the full set from Rimmers when i got the rad (about 18 months ago) and they are already perishing

This thread was discussed between 01/07/2003 and 10/07/2003

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