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Triumph Spitfire - Gearboxes

Are all of the non o/d gearboxes in Spitfires the same?

Are non o'd Spitfire boxes the same as the Dolomite boxes?

Can the Marina or Midget box be used in a Spit (with the Spit bellhousing)?


Here's your answers:

Question 1. No. If we are talking about Spitfire 1500 models, then you can assume that all non-overdrive gearboxes are the same (they will bolt on). Early Spitfires used a different gearbox which may interchange with Triumph Herald models: rule of thumb, if you have a 1300 engine in your Spitfire and you find a 1300 engine in a Herald, then there's a good chance that they will interchange.

Question 2. Not sure. Thought that Dolomites had the 77mm boxes. If so, they don't interchange. You can always experiment. Never saw a Dolomite in the U.S.

Question 3. A two part answer. Part One: NO with regards to a Midget unless the Midget has a factory installed 1500cc engine (that engine and gearbox are Spitfire units). Part Two: Through my experience, the gearbox as used in the Marina has a longer input shaft than a Spitfire; perhaps taking parts from the Marina and rebuilding Spitfire gearbox might work but it may have different ratios. Otherwise, the answer is NO.
Tony Azcona

This thread was discussed between 20/04/2000 and 26/04/2000

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