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Triumph Spitfire - Help an MG'er out

Hello spitfire folks, I hope im in the right place now

I've got a 1500 Midget (you guys' engine) and I was told ya'll might be able to help me out with recommending a camshaft. Im looking for a mildish cam, im not by any means intending to race but I would like to turn a couple of heads. any thoughts?
Noah Wilkes

Try APT at for cams and advice.


Why bother. Even IF you can find that magic cam, it's not going to make that car run faster or better. The engine, a Triumph 1500cc unit, has no cam bearings so that the cam wears directly within the engine block, uses that horrible Stromberg carb and the engine-bay-fire-causing-combined because British Leyland was too cheap-intake/exhaust manifold so the engine can't breathe, and emissions crap designed to use more gas and not help the environment. A set of SU's from an earlier Triumph Spitfire (HS2) with a matching intake manifold and pre-75 exhaust manifold with matching exhaust pipes could help, maybe. But you still have problems: the rear end (runs out of breath and halfshafts that crack like pretzels) and lack of an overdrive gearbox (because of the lack of room in the design of it's unitary shell). Solve those problems and you'll find the key to happiness. Good luck
Tony Azcona

So you like the car then? The UK car came with twin HS4 as standard a nice intake manifold, higher compresion and the midgets exhaust is not that restricting (Okay a performance one will give about 3-5% more power).

The US emmisions equipment does lower the emmisions at the exspense of power and fuel ecomemy but thats thanks to your buracrates getting involed where they don't belong.


Paul Fryer

Tony Azcona, if you think that Spifire engines can't be made to race, look for Jon Wolfe's website!
John D

This thread was discussed between 29/03/2000 and 05/06/2000

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