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Triumph Spitfire - Help!!! Gearbox Problems Spitfire 1500

I have recently brought a no running Spitfire 1500. I was told that the clutch plate was seized to the Flywheel. I took the opportunity of replacing this with a complete clutch kit, including clutch plate, clutch preassure plate, and release bearing. Having refitted the gearbox back into the car I am finding that I can't engage a gear. I have changed the clutch fluid and made sure that the the Slave cylinder is working. I can see it moving forward when I depress the clutch through the small inspection hole above it. So I think that the Hydraulics are working correctly.
I need some advice on possible areas to look at as to what might be wrong.

Any help would be most apreciated, as I'm desperate to get her back on the road as quickly as possible.
Gregg Castree

Not to be smart but did you put the clutch disc in the correctly.
Something a little easier, is the bleeder screw on the upper side of the slave cylinder.
If not there may still be air in the slave cylinder. Try opening the line and bleeding from there.
There lots of other reasons. But inside the bellhousing.

Did you get it fixed, Greg?

Good advice from Phil Law. If 'easy' options fail how about some of these:

Clutch plate on right way round - Phil
Clutch lever correctly assembled to bearing?
Did you put the bush for the input shaft back in the flywheel?

The clutch was not working when you bought it. So probably you have not done anything to the prime cause.
New clutch plate and correctly reassembled - is the engine back plate warped?
Is the gear box OK? can you push start it and drive in any gear?

Is the engine OK? once the you take the 'box out again, will the engine start & run?

Good luck!
Lastly, ar you a TSSC member? - ask Carl Heinlein, the tech.sec.
John Davies

Since the clutch arm is moving, and you have the same symptoms as before, I would have to wonder if the problem is in the gearbox.
Pull the top off the box and see if the shift fork is intact. If the fork is trashed, it wont go into gear.
That is if it just wont go into a gear, if it grinds, then this isnt the problem.

Good luck,


I have had the exact same problem with my car. Have you checked your engine thrust washers? I bought a new clutch but when changing it noticed that i could pull my flywheel back and fowards. Basically the Crankshaft thrust washers have fallen out so when engaging the clutch all thats happening is the crankshaft is moving fowards. Easily check this by getting somebody else to disengage/engage the clutch whilst you watch the bottom crankshaft pulley for movement. If it moves then this is your problem. Fortunatley this is easily rectified if wear is not to advanced. Take of your engine sump. Remove the rear end cap and slot the new thrust washers into the top grooves (about 5.00 for the two washers). replace and try. You shouldnt have to remove your gearbox again to complete this operation.

Hope this is of some help

Ashley Meson
Ashley Meson

This thread was discussed between 07/03/2000 and 24/04/2000

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