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Triumph Spitfire - Here's a challenge

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this -
What is the differnce between a Mk1 and Mk2 Spitfire from the outside? Could one tell without lookign at the number plate how old it was?



Cant answer ur quetion with authority "from the outside" but the Mk I is from 10/1962 to 12/1964....MkII 12/64 to 1/67. they both had the same drivetrain (engine displacement etc).

I'm sure thre r external differences.....this board is rather lame as to responses.....I am in the same boat....I did run across another Spit site that had pix & data of different cars....had some guys picture to click on around...

Gud luk.

I quote from Porter & Williams, Guide to Purchase & Restoration of Triumph Spitfire, GT6, Vitesse & Herald (Haynes), p281 (picture caption) "Comparing the Spitfire 4 [Mk1] with the Mk.2 shows the latter to have a 5 bar grille but other wise extrenally remaining much the same." [Sp.4 had 8 bar]
"Orignal Sp.4s had a painted dashboard surround a dn a HErald type 2 spoke steering wheel, Mk.2 versions were given am extra 'Mk.2@ boot badge beneath the scripted 'Spitfire 4' which was fitted to both models. Models with overdrive were fitted with a scripted 'Overdrive' badge on th elft side of the boot lid"
"Both Spitfire 4 and Mk.2 modles had turn-to-open door handles and their own particular door lock mechanism, the passenger door beieng locked by truning the little knob on the inside"
Other books that may help:
"Complete Guide to originality Spifire /GT6" by John Thomason, Pub ?
John D

Thanks, I really appreciate this information.
Now you say it, i can see the difference in grilles between the mk1 and mk2 is quite obvious (comparatively!)
Is there a Haynes manual for the Spitfire, do you know?

Books? Oh yes, dozens.
And there is a Haynes manual, available from your local bookseller.
But why not go to the TSSC website (, and look at the large selection of Triumph related books there?
(Thanks Mr.Tssc, used fivers will be fine)
John D

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