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Triumph Spitfire - I need help with a Spitfire Engine problem

I've just started a rebuild of a total basket case Spitfire. It came with an history, not running and not in the car. I'm a little concerned with the cost of rebuilding since it's missing starter, alternator, carb, distrib, and all mounting brackets.
I'm looking for information on ANY alternative engine and transmissions that will readily adapt to the Spitfire frame to save time and money. I would appreciate all suggestions. Thanks
Bob Gaumer

This is a great site, but as you can see, Spitfire owners and advice are thinly spread. NO insult to the habituees, but I suggest you go a more Spitfire dedicated site, where you will find many threads on just this subject. Start with the Totally Triumph net ( believe it or not) or UK sites; start with the TSSC ( but UK owners are less ready to ditch the old boat anchor, when up to 120bhp is available and used spares plentiful, but many have done so - Alfa twin cams are popular.

Good luck!

This thread was discussed on 10/06/2003

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