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Triumph Spitfire - idles badly

i have 1973 spitfire 1500 fm5563u w/ single zs carb. engine runs strong but idles rough. seems to be missing alot. have checked valve clearances, compression is only 1 1/2% between cylinders. timing is right on the mark (2 degrees atdc)at 850 rpm. dist cam wobble is min. replaced fuel pump,rebuilt carb 6 months ago, added new plugs gapped properly, points,condenser,wires and rotor. still idles poorly. i have pulled my hair out (not alot of that left anymore)trying to corret this problem. car had been setting for a number of years before i bought a year ago, but i have managed to put over 2000 miles on it since last year. any suggestions or help??. iwill be overhauling the engine this coming winter.
thank you
paul wenzel

Paul it sounds like a vaccum leak. I've noticed that the responses on the triumph side of this BBS are far and few between. Try the Midget sight. I own a 1500 Midget, which uses the same engine as the Spitfire and there is an awful lot of 1500 Midget owners that would be more than willing to respond to your questions.

This thread was discussed between 03/07/2000 and 09/08/2000

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