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Dear fellows,

I am interesting in buying a Trimph Spitfire, preferably a model which is earlier than 1973.
I want to import it from Uk (ratherly) to Greece. In that case, the Greek Custom needs a receipt from a dealer and not a <paper> from a civilian who sells his own car, which refers to the selling price.
I'd rather buy a car in good mechanical condition and i don;t mind the condition of his exterior, interior e.t.c.
Do you know if in UK or Italy (which is a country very near to me) are any dealers that sell Spitfires?
Do you have something in mind?

Thank you in advance.


Athens, Greece
mobile no: 0030-937-095-200
Nassos Sarris

Suggest you contact the TSSC (Triumph Sports Six Club). They operate a valuation service, which many UK residents use for insurance. Would an official TSSC valuation be ok for the Greek Customs?

Alternatively, there are many specialist Spitfire restorers up and down the UK, who buy and sell Spitfires. If you found a Spitfire to buy from a private seller, they will know a local restorer who may be willing to provide a "receipt" on their behalf, possibly for a small fee.

If you jon the TSSC, you will get a copy of the Members handbook, that includes a lst of Spitfire dealers, restorers and the valuation scheme. Go to!
John R Davies

PS Happy Christmas!
John Davies

I have a 1971 spitfire for sale that I can get formal valuation on from a dealer. It has been completely rebuilt in 2000 and is used regularly. The engine is a complete rebuild usung the original engine. It is in good condition
M Hester

This thread was discussed between 23/12/2000 and 10/01/2001

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