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Triumph Spitfire - Looking for some general Spitfire advice.


I'm new to classic cars, but I've got the bug. I'm thinking about getting a 1500 Spitfire as a second car. I'm fairly handy with a spanner, having got my last car from a salvage yard. So a car that's in need of attention is no problem. I also don't have too much cash to spare, as I'm currently buying a house. So, in short, I'm thinking about buying a MOT failure 1500 Spitfire. I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to answer some questions and sanity check my assumptions.

(I'm sorry if this has been covered in a FAQ. I've had a quick look around and none of the other messages have covered this topic.)

First of all, I'm guessing on being able to pick up a MOT failure Spit for about 300/400 (GBP). I've seen a few on for this price in the last month. Were these a fluke, or would that be a reasonable price?

Next is storage space. I have a single garage and no drive. The loft is empty, and there is plenty of room in the garden for a shed. I'm guessing that this would be enough room for a rolling restoration, but not for a body off one?

From all the web sites I've looked at, it looks like there is an abundance of Spit parts on the market, new and recon. Are there any that are particularly hard to find? I seem to recall something about chrome bumpers being difficult to source.

Very roughly, how much is insurance likely to cost for a 24 year old with 4 years no claims? I've seen a lot of adverts for Footman James, would they be a good starting point?

Thanks for your time,

P.S. Sorry about the NOSPAM address, I seem to be getting hit lately...

I can recommend F-J. Through them, Insurance (limited mileage, TPFT), for my son's Spitfire, his first car when he was 18, was 2/3 the cost of any other insurer.
But you must join the TSSC (recommended anyway) and use their valuation service to get this insurance.
John R Davies

I think you'd be lucky to pick up a 1500 for that price, sounds good, and I would assume that a LOT of work would be required.

Insurance definately Footman James. I have a MkIV (1973) @ 120 for the year fully comp, however this will go up for a 1500 based on size and year.

Parts are not a problem although I have also heard that the bumpers are difficult to get hold of.

Good luck

Owen Jenkins

When I was looking to buy my spitfire all the ones I saw for that price were sheds and needed alot of money spent on them. However you should be able to get one with a years MOT for under a grand.

Insurance for young people on spitfires can be expensive because apparantly there group 12/13. I'm 20 and pay 850 for fully comp on a garaged everyday '77 1500 (with alloys, twin exhaust and roll bar)

Parts are easy to get hold of and realy cheap.
Graeme Spreadbury

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your comments. Sorry I haven't replied sooner, but buying my house has recently been taking up more and more of my time (& money)... Still it's my first step towards Spitfire ownership, as with no house I'd have nowhere to keep it.

I'm getting an overwhelming sense of "spend more money up front and have less heartache in the long run". Unfortunately this philosophy is incompatible with my current financial situation. :-(( I think it's probably going to be best if I wait a year or so to recover a bit from the initial outlay of buying a house. Bummer. A fog settles all around me and I suddenly get an overwhelming feeling of my our mortality...

Thanks again,

i have a triumph spitfire soft top rebuilt and re-registered 1972. Now want to sell.

This thread was discussed between 07/01/2001 and 23/01/2001

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