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Triumph Spitfire - loose wire wheels mk3 spitfire

anybody experienced being passed by your wheel while driving down the road. I had a half shaft break off my mk3 and the whole assembly passed me as the chasssis slid along the ground. I also had a front wheel come off and damage the arch and wing, plus another front come loose. the adapters on the rear perhaps increase strain on the shaft. front adapters seemed to work loose on the wheel nuts. any advice to avoid having to sing 3 wheels on my wagon would be appreciated.


I have just finished an 18 month full renovation on a 1300 Mk3 1773 Spitfire and I had a very similar experience,
The damage was gut wrenching So I converted back to Standard hubs and fited Triumph Stag wheels they may be big but it looks the part,
And they seem to improve the steering as well Strange that is it not.
Mike Newton

It's been a while since this thread was created but ...

Are you totally sure that you had the adaptors fitted correctly on the hubs, with the correct thread direction for the correct vehicle side?

Wire wheels should not undo by themselves - the action of driving should tighten them. If the hubs become loose, and all four adaptor nuts are loosening off, then there should be plenty of horrible noise as this occurs, to warn of the danger.

See ....

"Wire Wheel Tightening" and "Wire Wheel Overview" at the VTR site for more info'.



This thread was discussed between 11/10/2001 and 08/12/2001

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