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Triumph Spitfire - Loss of Power

I own a 1977 1500 Spitfire with twin SU's and twin sports exhaust system. The car was running perfectly until I decided to clean the carbs with carb cleaner. This then gave no benifits and I have to keep running the car with the choke out to get any respectable power. I've had the car tuned twice since then and although it has helped a bit the car still feels underpowered. Can anybody help?
Graeme Spreadbury

Let's be logical.
It WAS alright; now it's not. You need the choke out to keep it running. Therefore, something is preventing the fuel from getting into the inlet manifold, and you are running lean. Probably there is some dirt that your spray dislodged, that is now in the jet.

With each SU, take off the dashpot(three screws). Remove the piston carefully, with the needle attached underneath. Ensue that you do not bend the needle while it is out and on the bench.
If you have an electric fuel pump turn it on, or else turn the engine over a few times, both until fuel is pumped into the float chambers and so floods out of the jet. This will carry out any bits of dirt.


Put rags in the inlet, either side of the jet, but so that you can see the jet. Have a metal bucket handy to throw the rags into. Dispose carefully of the highly inflammable rags.

Don't believe that 'Carb Cleaner' will cure any problems!
John D


Thanks alot John

It worked and now I can run my spitty as normal. I must say this is one of the most helpful websites I've ever been to
Graeme Spreadbury

This thread was discussed between 07/06/2000 and 16/06/2000

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