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Triumph Spitfire - Midget vs Spitfire

Hi Ive been looking for a midget for awhile (not too seriously until I sell my honda :( ) but recently Ive been thinking a spitfire/GT6 might be more suitable.

It will be my only car but I use my motorbike everyday so it will not be used for day to day driving.

I know im gonna get biased opinions here but it should be intersting to get opinions anyway.


Hi Paul,

I had a Midget for several years ago. Sold it. The bought a Spitfire that I owned for many years until I recently sold it. My current project is a Midget/Arkley.

I'd go for the Spitfire for several biased reason's. The engine is much easier to work on and that means a lot to a person over 50. It's a smoother ride (independent rear suspension) and doesn't seem as cramped. Also, I'm partial to the sleek looks of the car. Some day, I'll own another.

I hope this helps!

Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson

Nassos Sarris

if you're going to chuck it about a lot go for the midget. lighter and spitfire rear axle arrangement a bit dubious.

go for a Spit, the Midget looks like a toy and stupid looking and it is a MGB wannabe at least the Spit was a model on its own.

If you want to put fire into the Spit find a GT6+ engine and drop that in...that will be a sweet car.

This thread was discussed between 20/11/2002 and 13/12/2002

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