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Triumph Spitfire - Mk I, II, III steering wheels

Anyone know where I can get a good original or repro wooden steering wheel for my Mk II Spitfire?
I'd like it to look as original as possible.

Trying to find an original wire-sprung 'wheel is like finding rocking horse droppings, so a repro wood-rim item is the best bet.

I have one on my Mk3- it is made by Moto-lita, and is practically identical to period accessory wood-rim steering wheels.

These products (and there are a variety of styles to choose from) can be seen on

I have E. Mark 3, Holes - 13" (33cm), flat... and very nice it is too.

As you can see, it is an American web site, but they can be purchased in Europe- you local Triumph sales factor will probably supply them. Mine came through the TSSC, and came with a boss with the Standard-Triumph sheild set in its centre. Nice!

Hope that helps

Mk3 Spit.

The original wood rimmed steering wheel was manufactured by Formula and had three polished spokes with five holes.
On my Mk1 I use a wheel originating from Jag E-type. It is exactly the same beside from the center wich is larger. The splines fits directly. Look and work fine.
Regards Bertil. Mk1 -64.

Do you know where I can get the Jag wheel? Were you able to put a triumph centre cap on the Jag wheel?

I found my wheel locally and as it looked exactly as I remembered the Triumph wheel I bought it to test. I had to manufacture a new center cover to fit the smaller Triumph cover / horn button. A couple of hours work.
I do not know where to find Jag wheels, all wood rimmed wheels seems to be very popular. Maybe you could try with the clubs.
Regards, Bertil.

This thread was discussed between 20/07/1999 and 24/07/1999

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