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Triumph Spitfire - Mk3 Spit Misfire

Hi all,

just when I get my spit running fine after my earlier posts (found me cam timing was out DUH!! ) it seems to have now developed a misfire.

All was fine then I would have the occasional "jerk"/"misfire" from the engine under moderate throttle going up a hill. Then the next time I took it out it was very jerky and now you can only drive it smoothly with about .5inch throttle opening, anything more and it kicks and sounds like it running on 2-3 cylinders.

It starts first time ok, and ticks over smooth but with an occasional small sound of a misfire approx every 10 seconds or so. Ive checked the timing and thats seems correct, and the ignition seems to be advancing ok on revving. Ive tried removing 1 plug lead at a time but get a misfire whichever i remove so its not to conclusive but i can confirm the spark is strong.

Blocked carb maybe? Any help appreciated.


This thread was discussed on 24/09/2000

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