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Triumph Spitfire - More Triumph tuning: rolling road tuning?

Hi guys

Have a bit of a problem with my Mk3. It basically needs to be thoroughly re-set up, and a few things have been altered from standard, so the standard settings are probably not going to help too much.

I've had the head rebuilt with unleaded inserts, the exhaust manifold was replaced with a TSSC Bell extractor 4 into 2 into 1 with asports exhaust, the filters have been replaced with K&N pancake filters, and the carbs rebuilt with slightly richer needles (I discovered that the throttle butterflies were installed upside down!). The dizzy has been replaced with a new old stock Delco which has an electronic ignition module installed.

And now... the engine fails to pull well, and seems to run lean at the top end when everything is set properly to run at idle to pass emissions.

My guess is that the carb needles are wrong? I think that a session at a rolling road should shake out a few answers- does anyone know of any good rolling roads either in the west country near Bath or in the London area?

Thanks for any help you chaps can provide!

Rob Bell

Rob, I can't recommend anyone in your part of the world myself, but a friend who uses Dave Walker, the guy who writes in CCC, speaks very highly of him. I don't have a copy handy to give you the address of his business, but you may have, or will buy one.

But Mr.Walker is no doubt very busy, and probably quite expensive!
John D

Thanks for the suggestion John, I'll see if I can't follow up that lead, and buy a copy of CCC!

Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 29/08/2000 and 30/08/2000

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