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Triumph Spitfire - Next Question: Slick 50 or similar product?

As I understand it, most, if not all of the engine oil drains into the pan when the Spit's engine is turned off. As I'm sure with most of the other members on this board, my car sits several days or more between starts.

Does anyone have an opinion on the use of Slick 50 or similar product to add protection for those first few seconds before the oil circulates (opens worm can)

Thanks in advance,

T. M. Brex

For what it's worth, when I restored my TR3A (80,350 miles on the odometer) from 1987 to 1990 and rebuilt the engine, I filled it up with Castrol 10W30 oil and waited the specified time and miles before using Slick 50 in the new engine. Then I poured in a quart (litre). This was in 1990. Then I did it 3 more times - every second spring. The last time was in the spring of 1996. By this time I had driven "TRusty" about 31,000 miles. I never used Slick 50 again.

At 43,000 miles in the spring of 2000, I had the crankshaft reground and I changed all the bearing shells for the con-rods and for the crankshaft main bearings. I also switched from 10W30 Castrol to Castrol 20W50.

I have now over 78,000 miles on the engine since 1990.

Did it help ? Who knows ? My TR still runs like a dream. I can wind it up to 5000 RPM and higher through all the gears and it's not burning oil. It goes like a bomb. I drove it from Montreal to VTR in Oregon in 2000, then to VTR in Colorado in 2001. Last summer it was to Indiana and later to Pennsylvania. It runs like a modern car and last year, drove home from Roadster Factory (660 miles) in one day with no problem. On a trip to Oakville, Ontario last September (400 miles), I averaged 72 mph getting there.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed on 26/04/2004

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