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Triumph Spitfire - Originallity

I am looking for a good book for original restoration of a Spitfire. Does anyone have a suggestion?
Peter Lind

1/ Guide to purchase & DIY Restoration of the Spitfire,GT6,Vitesse & Herald, Porter & Williams, Pub.Haynes.

2/ Triumph Spitfire Restoration, Practical Classics (reprinted articles on a real ste-by-step restoration, published in PC)Pub. Kelsey Publishing

3/AND MOST IMPORTANT - A workshop manual!
You will refer to the first two while you work on the car and learn about it. You will continue to need the WM all the time you own it. Haynes, or the reprinted offical BL manual.

Plus, useful for identification and part numbers, especially while you accumulate boxes of bits as you strip the car:
4/ Reprinted offical BL "Spitfire Spare Parts catalogue" for the appropriate model.

John D

Hi! I am looking for a restored spit, willing to pay up to 3k or thereabouts for the right baby.
Anyone out there know of one on offer within reasonable distance of north yorks?
Any help would be greatly appreciated as my last baby was kidnapped and killed so I am feeling very sad!!

This thread was discussed between 09/06/2000 and 14/06/2000

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