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Triumph Spitfire - Overheating Spitfire

I'm posting this for a friend and dont have much info or know a lot about Triumphs. He just bought a 74 Spitfire and has two problems: First it runs hot. He has checked the thermostat and knows it functions, opening around 190F. What temp should a spitfire normally run at? Also he has a problem with the fuel pump. After the engine warms up the fuel pump cuts out. It was doing it at higher speed( 65mph) but one time cut out completely and the engine wouldnt run at all.
william fox


I would install a 160 degree thermostat for summer driving. Also check the usual things like dirty radiator, obstructed airflow, etc.. A radiator flush might be in order. The ignition timing can also play a role in overheating so have your friend check it out if the problem can't be cured otherwise. Not sure what the actual normal operating temp should be, but my Spit runs a little hot in city driving. Electric fan takes care of things.

Can't help you with the fuel pump. If it's overheating could this problem be vapor lock instead of fuel pump?

Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson


I'm sure Andy is correct with the thermostat recommendation - look at which lists standard (82c = 180f) hot (74c = 165f) and cold climate (88c = 190f). When I bought my previous spitfire it had the 88c fitted and ran too hot in summer - and i'm sure your climate is better than ours ! I changed to the 74c and never had another problem with a hot engine. Failing that make sure you have the full width radiator fitted and not the UK narrow one. re: the fuel problem, make sure that the heat shield is in place between the carbs and manifold - you can get superior aftermarket ones if not.

Essex, England.
k adams

This thread was discussed between 20/07/2002 and 29/07/2002

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