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Triumph Spitfire - Parts for sale

I have many parts for sale from a 1966 TR6:

wire wheels
windshield & frame
door glass
complete rear axle with half shafts
gauge cluster
miscellaneous other items.

Reasonable prices, buyer pays shipping, pictures available.

Chris - If you have TR6 parts for sale, may I suggest you go to the TR6 site and repeat your message there.
Don Elliott

i am interested in many of the parts that you have listed please e-mail me with some prices and maybe a phone number thank you

hi any one out there real good with the mk3 engines, i have a oil seep at the push rod tubes and cant get it to stop, any help would be appreciated, thank you jle
john l. estep

Take off the rocker cover, clean all the oil off around the tubes, then white spirits and let it dry. Then use silicone bathtub caulking around the tubes at the top.

If they are leaking oil at the head flange near the bottom of the tubes, repeat the above steps all around the outside of the tubes. Give it a day to cure. That should fix the leaks.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed between 03/02/2004 and 15/04/2004

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