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Triumph Spitfire - Performance Mods

I am the owner of a '77 Spitfire 1500. It has had a fair few mods done to it like, twin SS exhausts, K&N's, Electric fuel pump + Kenlow. I am thinking of putting a Stage 2 Head on it (because ive still got a leaded one on) and a Fast Road cam. Does anybody have any experience of this type of setup. Will it actually make the car that much faster or will it just make it a pig to drive in traffic?




No disrepect to this site, everyone has a contribution to make, but go to the Totally Triumph Network (, the Spitfire Hanger and the Competition and Performance forum. Look for Calum's Tutorial on building a performance Spitfire engine (Top of the page, not in a thread). Everything you want and lots more.

Personally, I think your ideas will give you a perfectly useable road Spitfire. Only problem, Calum's tutorial will give you more ideas!

Best wishes,

Excellent page that. Thanks john.
After looking through the TSSC Club Shop book, I may now get the 1700 engine that is in there. Is this any good or would my money be better spent on modifying the existing 1500 (bearing in mind its only done 51000 mile since a recon 10 years ago)?



1700 seems an awful lot of money. I see that it is described as a "high torque" engine. I've never seen one, let alone driven one, but let's think about how this capacity can be acheived.
By analogy with the rest of the Triumph range and the degree of overbore that the block permits, unless they have gone for offset bores the engine must be overstroked, like the 2000>>2500 engine. Those get plenty of torque at lower revs, but more than 6K for long means melt down. The 1300 Spitfire engine can achieve an extraordinary amount of power from high revs.(7K+), not advisable with your 1500. If you want ultimate performance you need a 1300 - see Calum!

BUT, I really think that you will get all the performance that is possible to use in a road car from your 1500 through the mods you describe. If you have changed oil frequently and have a good oil pressure, I doubt if it needs a rebuild at 50K miles. If you decide that it does and can do the work yourself, it will cost a fraction of 1700. And you can - it's not rocketry!

Hi, your mods sound right. And the early 1300 cam is supposed to be a good road cam to fit. You'd have to install cam bearings into your 1500 block, though.

I think stroking that engine more than it is now would be a mistake. At 50,000 miles,it is recommended thrust washers and lower end bearings are checked and replaced if needed. Rings, pistons, etc. usually last much longer if cared for. Balancing the components would certainly go a long way to improving it's revability and lifespan. Big money though...

Please keep us posted on your project..



'78 Spit

Vancouver, BC Canada

put sprint 2000 16 v in fits.

Ant, tell us all more about the Dolly lump into Spits

Which Spit box fits to it ?

Best Regards all

This thread was discussed between 08/11/2001 and 03/12/2001

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