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Triumph Spitfire - Pictures wanted

Could you mail me pictures of your spitfire with a little bit of background info? I'm making a website about the Spitfire and I want to show other people's spitfires -preferable 1500s, but any model will be cool- as well as my Dad's.I'll put your name underneath the picture, so I'm not claiming it's my car, or even my photography. Thanx.
The adress will -eventually- be:
Wish me luck in programming it!

There are so very many personal websites, featuring the owner's car and nothing else, that I congratulate you on wanting to feature other people's! But there are also many other sites about Spitfires - all very similar. Do you want your's to be different?

Here's an Idea - there is no general site about Spitfire racing. OK, the TSSC has a Race Group page, but with little on it, Jon Wolfe's site features several Spitfire racers and some old results - Jon is a busy man. And if you look at the Triumph WebRing thgere are some others, in the UK and USA, but mainly about one car or team. The TSSC/TR Register, the premier and only Spitfire race series in the UK, could do with a website to feature the Championship. Are you man enough to do it?
Here's the list of race meetings for 2001. Come along and meet the racers !

Cambridge Motorsport (Our kind sponsors)

TR Register/ TSSC Race Championship

Calendar 2001
Date Organising Venue Club
April 7th MGCC Oulton Park Cheshire
April 28th AMOC Brands Hatch Kent
May 7th BRSCC Castle Combe Wiltshire
June 10th Jaguar CC Pembrey Carmarthen
June 16th PeterboroughMC Silverstone Northants
July 7/8th AMOC Croft Northumberland
July 28/29th MGCC Rockingham*Leic'shire
August 12th JaguarCC Cadwell Park Lincolns'e
August 19th MGCC Snetterton Norfolk
August 25/6th HARC Zandvoort Holland
September 9th AMOC Mallory Park Leicestershire
September 23nd MGCC Cadwell Park Lincolnshire
October 6/7th Jaguar CC Croft Northumberland
* Provisional

Best wishes, and good luck whatever you attempt!


>>Best wishes, and good luck whatever you attempt!

Thanx! I'll need it!
Jason Elgood

I'll put a page on Racing Spits... but I need more personal ones!
Jason Elgood

What kind of info are you after Jason? I'll send you a pic of my Mk3 if you want it... plus details of mods etc if you're interested?

Rob Bell

I've just set up a website with a page about my '77 Spitfire 1500. Its not finnished yet as I've only just started learning about web pages, but theres a couple of pics on there and some info.

Good luck

Rob, I need pix of ALL types of spit; racers, personal cars, and a little bit of background info would be brilliant!
Jason Elgood

This thread was discussed between 17/05/2001 and 18/06/2001

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