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Triumph Spitfire - Rebuild of 1500 engine


I'm about to rebuild my 1500 engine and have had a few mods
suggested to me to improve the oil flow in it, but would appreciate
any other people's comments on them.

1. Replace Cam bearings and Cam with a 1300 one.

What about the the lift and duration of the Cam, won't this
drastically change the characteristics of the engine?

2. Increase the oil galley feeding the two centre main caps
to 5/16" to compensate for the fact that it feeds two.

This seems like a complicated mod as you have to press out the
distributor bearing and drill through the oil pressure guage hole.
Does it really have enough effect to make it worthwhile?

3. Fit a TR6 oil pump.

Does this have greater flow than a 1500 one?

I'd appreciate any comments on these mods and any suggestions
of others to increase the longevity of the engine, as mine gets
a pretty hard life on Classic Trials.


Simon Clemow UK

This thread was discussed on 11/10/1999

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