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Triumph Spitfire - Release Bearing?

Thought I might post this here, too, since same engine/trans in later spitfires. The 75 is a MG midget. Hoping one of you guys might shed some light. Thanks

Had removed and freshened engine/trans from 75, 1500 this past winter and to attend to other details in need of attention.
Upon re-installing everything and intial start up, a high pitched squeal eminates from the bellhousing. Actually, quite loud and startling when you first crank her over. Once the engine is idling, it tones down a bit but is still there.
If you depress the clutch, it stops instantly.

I pulled the engine/trans back out and seperated the two, hoping to find that missing needle nose pliers I have been searching for as the culprit, but everthing is intact and nothing suspiciuos to my untrained eye.

Shiny circle on the release bearing and also bright metal on the clutch fins where the two come in contact with each other.
It spins freely enough on the sleeve and I had packed it with new grease, as much as possible, before re-installing.
I must say, when cleaning it up prior to installation, I used brake cleaner to blast it clean of old dirt and grease. When it was dry and I went to pack it with new grease, it was quite stiff and would not turn easily. After greasing, it moved freely again.

Does the sleeve rotate within the arm between the two slotted plugs when the car is idling or being cranked over? Or does it stay fixed and the bearing rotates only on the sleeve?

Is it the bearing at all or something within the clutch or pressure plate.
I did not remove these from the flywheel during any of the work I did these past months.

I always tend to retrace my steps and look for the problem in something I did. As in " Well, I took that apart, even tho it was working fine, I probably screwed something up there."

The only other observation would be that of the flywheel. During this process, I first suspected the starter, as it has been a bit unreliabe in the past, with it's spinning and whirring and not engaging on occassion and with all this cranking, finally gave up the ghost.
I thought perhaps some part of the shaft or gear was still coming in contact with the flywheel.
It makes the same sound with the new starter as it did with the old.

The observation is shiny metal on the teeth of the flywheel and and to the teeth of the sarter gear.
I'm attributing that to their "new relationship".

Any input would be appreciated.
Thank you

Dennis Silance

I have some early spitfire release bearings, NOS for super cheap if you want one, Send Stanparty no. to make sure that it is the right one.
Al Christopher

P>S> I would have just replaced the throwout bearing instead of repacking it? (Isn't that why they call is a throwout bearing?)
A. R. Christopher

Thanx for the offer
I had one shipped out the other day and received it yesterday...and threw out the old one today!
Dennis Silance

This thread was discussed between 23/04/2007 and 27/04/2007

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