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Triumph Spitfire - Restoring a '79 Spitfire

My wife and I bought a 1979 Triumph Spitfire last year.

The largest hole in the body is situated on the front/left floor panel..the rest is in pretty good shape.

The vehicle is presently stripped down to the frame and we would like to know if there are any particular problems with the restoration of this model/year.

The motor has to be re-built... any advice would be appreciated.

Check out my wife's webpage "" for more details..



I now how many surprises are hidden beneath the floor
carpets in a 79 spitfire 1500.
regards from Ireland

Why do i get the feeling that this is a similar amount of suprises as i got when i removed the interior from my 1980 1500. Plus suprises left by a previous owner who did a 'restoration' if you can call it that
Stuart Cashmore

Nice web site Ron!

How has the restoration progressed since December?

Mk3 Spit.

I just completed a repaint and restoration on a 75 Spit this summer.
Luckily the floors where in good shape.

Its problem was the rocker panel rusting from the inside. They looked good
except for these small red spots on the yellow paint. Upon investigation,
tapping with a steel hammer and cutting out a 3 X 18 section, found
that the rocker panels that looked good originally needed work.
Appearances can be deceiving

While crawling around under the rear suspension replacing the leaf spring
I discovered a quarter size hole in the lower frame rail, at its lowest
point. This hole turned into a 12 long patch. After sandblasting a few
more holes appear around the rear of the frame.

I picked up a 78 Spit for my wife which needs the front drivers floor
replaced, as usual. Have you been able to source an embossed front repair


I know we have a 79 1500 too and it is just sitting there and I want too restore
it. It was my dads first new car. And when I am 16 I want it! Pretty wimpy
engine though. good luck on the restoration (dark green looks good)

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