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Triumph Spitfire - Rocker Arm Ratio

Can anyone tell me the rocker arm ratio of a Spitfire 1147 cc engine; and/or the camshaft lobe lift (not the valve lift) of an A6 grind cam?
Randall Howard

I think it's 1.48:1, but see:
Article by Chris Correlli on Performance Tuning,
or go to their own site:

John D

In case anyone is interested, I'm quite sure that the rocker arm ratio for a 1147 cc Spitfire is 1.45:1. The 1.48:1 ratio may be correct for a GT-6; and the 1296 & 1500 Spitfires may not be the same as the 1147 - but, after doing some measuring and calculating, it appears to me that the ratio for the 1147 engine is 1.45:1.
Randall Howard

This thread was discussed between 01/12/2000 and 09/01/2001

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